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Anonymous said: do you rememer meeting a chubby girl with black hair about a year ago

yes, I do. quite a few of them actually

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Going to shows makes me so sexually frustrated like why cant I go get my ass kicked for four hours then just come home and fuck for the remainder of the night

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Tiananmen Square, 5th June 1989

Footage of one of the most iconic moments of the 20th Century, of a man, sometimes identified as Wang Weilinn, who stands in front of and halts a column of tanks the day after Chinese military forces had brutally suppressed protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.  Little is known about the man’s identity or his fate. 

The regime which these protests opposed remains in power, and discussion of the events is forbidden in China till this day.

Today, in history.

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Why Students Aren’t Fighting Forever 21 



Amy Merrick on Forever 21 and why student anti-sweatshop activism is quieter than it used to be: http://nyr.kr/1mxh8W1

“Unlike Gap and Nike in the nineties, Forever 21 doesn’t use a prominent logo, so public shaming of people who wear its clothes would be difficult. It is privately held,…

hi this is important

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Don’t you just love what we’ve done here? Compiled pieces of ACTUAL graffiti that ACTUALLY say graffiti. Genius.

From super sprayers:


RIME (& Revok on the last one)


hahahaha i love Spray beast but yeah this rules

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bruh. game over. she’s marrying that guy and having really talented artistic babies.


bruh. game over. she’s marrying that guy and having really talented artistic babies.

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Anonymous said: how many people have you slept with

none of yo biddnesss

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Basically sup Tumblr I can’t post this on twitter come beat the shit out of me then fuck me. I’m talking to you, women with piercing eyes

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it’s cool guys. we can just wait until all the nice guys with fedoras die from lack of procreation + mass murder. 

it will all be a distant past 

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u ready for the sponge

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ok but how cute is this

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